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Laser Cutting & 3D Laser Engraving Services

Laser cut or 3D engrave any design in wood, veneer, acrylic, leather, fabric, felt, glass, plastic, cork, card stock and more!


All you need to get started is a vector based file for cutting, or a high-res jpeg image for engraving!

1) Send us your file or have us create it for you.

2) We cut a sample, email you a pic, or send it to you in the mail.

3) You approve, we cut/engrave/etch your order, and ship to your front door.


Laser cutting is unrivaled in both tolerance & precision and always results in clean cut lines and edges in almost any material.

Ideal for artists, fashion & interior designers, and marketers & promoters. Long runs, short runs and even custom one-offs are welcome!

Our industrial cutter/engraver works by directing the output of a high-power CO2 laser, via a computer vector file, at the material to be cut. The material then either melts, burns, vaporizes, or is blown away by a jet of gas leaving an edge with a pristine high-quality surface finish.

For 3D engraving the same is true, but rather than cutting through the material, a certain thickness surface layer is burned off the material, via a high resolution black and white bitmap, jpeg, pdf, photoshop, png, etc.., file format  – the higher the resolution, the better the results. The engraving will be deepest where the image is darkest, and shallowest where the image is lightest – high contrast images work best.

General services include:

Art design for your project, including file setup, is available by our in-house professional graphic designer with over 20 years experience in graphic design, brand branding & marketing. Our complete turn-key solutions create, market, and sell your products. Contact us to discuss the options.


Laser Cutting

OM Pendant laser cut wood pendant. Handmade in Canada and available for wholesale.

Laser cutting example

Laser cutting is useful in projects where an extremely high degree of accuracy is needed. Traditional methods such as stamping cannot come close to the degree of tolerance that an industrial laser can achieve. While traditionally used to industrial manufacturing applications, this technology is now being embraced by artists, businesses and hobbyists.

Most common cut materials:  Wood, Leather, Veneer, Acrylic, Cloth, Felt, Wool, Paper, Cardboard.


Laser 3D Engraving

Grace of Mer by Autumn Skye Morisson 3D laser engraved wood print

3D laser engraving example

Like etching, but produces more lifelike results. This technique really speaks for itself! When this process is used on wood, we sometimes wet the material after its lasered so that the wood absorbs water, making the grain swell and ‘stand up’ resulting in fantastic finishes.

Most common engraved materials: Wood, Leather, Coated Metals, Glazed Ceramics, Plastics.


Laser Etching

Example of laser etching on acrylic for the Vancouver Aquarium

Laser etching example

Etching is a process by which layers of surface material are burned away in a controlled manner with darker colours resulting in deeper cuts. Think of it like a printer, but burning the material away rather than leaving a dot of ink as an ordinary printer does.

Etching is commonly used to recreate realistic scenes such as photographs and landscapes, but can also be useful to add texture to parts of objects. This method works equally well on a wide variety of materials like wood, acrylic, leather and card stock to name a few.


Lasered Inlays

Laser cut and etched Wallnut veneer inlaid into birch wood

Laser engraved and laser cut inlay example

Inlaying is the art of cutting out a negative shape in one material and literally ‘laying in’ another material in its place. Our laser is incredible at this usually usually labour intensive process, and its precision can’t be matched. We can cut both the positive and negative out of the same vector image!


Laser Scribing

Scribing is the process of cutting through a material in a controlled manner so that the material is not completely pierced. This allows certain sections of the material to be punched out, or broken off at a later time as required.


Laser Marking

Marking refers to scribing a material (usually a part), with a SKU or regulatory number.


Laser Drilling

Some holes aren’t round, and it’s irregular drilling where our laser can be invaluable. We can also perform a multi-step process whereby we drill and cut several holes and shapes into a part in the same step avoiding multiple passes.