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Laserable Materials: Laser Cut or Engrave Wood, Acrylic, Paper, Cork, Felt, Fabric, Leather, Coated Metals & More!

Below is a list of commonly laser cut and engraved/etched materials. Our laser can cut most organic materials, if you don’t see your material in the list feel free to contact us and talk to us about it.





Wood Yes Yes
Wood Veneer Yes Yes
Paper / Cardstock Yes Yes
Mylar Yes Yes
Cloth / Fabric Yes Yes
Cork Yes Yes
Felt Yes Yes
Leather Yes Yes
Acrylic Yes Yes
Tile Yes No
Marble Yes No
Glass Yes No
Ceramics Yes No
Anodized Aluminun Yes No


We can not work with PVC,  Lexan, styrene, polycarbonate, vinyl, foam core, or anything that contains chlorine. Some of these materials could melt on the laser bed, catch on fire or release toxic gas which could damage the machine. Plastics can release carcinogens such as benzene.

We can mark bare Metals like Stainless Steel, Brass and Titanium when coated with a marking solution. The marking solution comes in several colours and the heat of the laser bonds the solution permanently to the material.